Equinet Governance


Equinet is a network of national equality bodies. The main decisions concerning the general direction of the network are taken by the General Assembly of Members. This assembly is made up of all the members of the network and is convened at least once a year for an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The General Assembly has the power, amongst others, to approve new members and, following a nomination process by members, to vote for representatives on the Executive Board. It takes decisions on the strategic direction of the network, is entitled to amend the statutes of the organisation and approves the annual work programmes, budgets and accounts.

During the course of the year management and administration of the network is delegated to the Executive Board. This Board is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the AGM’s decisions, as well as the management and administration of the network throughout the year. The Board devises the strategy for implementing the strategic plan and the work plan of the network, ensures that the means are in place to guarantee the effectiveness and sustainability of the network and acts in the best interest of the network and its members throughout the year.

The Board commissions an external evaluation of the work of Equinet in the final quarter of each year to ensure that activities are meeting the needs of Equinet members and achieving the goals established under the organisation’s current Strategic Plan (2011-2014).

All of the Executive Board members, the Board advisor and the treasurer execute their tasks pro bono.

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