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ECNI launches Equality Awareness Survey findings for Northern Ireland

On 13 June 2012 the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI) launched its latest Equality Awareness Survey findings which shed light on public attitudes towards equality and discrimination in Northern Ireland.

The survey addresses public attitudes towards particular groups in society; personal experiences of discrimination and knowledge of rights and protections. It also considers who is most likely to express negative feelings and who is most likely to be the target of their prejudice.

A launch event was held on 13 June to discuss the best ways to respond to the challenges to equality, and featured a panel of commentators from the world of business, media, academia and the voluntary/community sector.

Key findings:

– Attitudes towards different groups as a work colleague, neighbour or married to a family member, have hardened.

– 33% of respondents said they had been subject to some form of harassment or treated unfairly because they belong to a particular group, an increase of 16%.

– 91% agreed with the need for equality laws and 77% agreed that they should be strengthened to match those in Great Britain.

– 77% agreed that the Commission is a valued source of expert advice on equality issues.

– Respondent confidence in the ability to keep their job is lower than the United Kingdom and European Union average.

You can find more information about the report here.


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