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NCCD launches research report on “Discrimination in Romania – Perceptions and Attitudes”

[/ On 23 March the Romanian National Council for Combating Discrimination published its research report on “Discrimination in Romania – Perceptions and Attitudes”. /]

Main findings of the report

– Evaluating the knowledge of the phenomenon of discrimination (concepts, laws, effects):

  • 51% of Romanians considered in a large and very large extent that the phenomenon of discrimination is one of the current problems while 44% consider this aspect in a small and very small extent.
  • 49% of the Romanians state that discrimination is a very common phenomenon and often met in Romania while 11% think it is very rarely / not met.
  • Tolerance, along with the wider phenomenon of discrimination, were the least identified as being “highly important current problems” in Romania (26% and 24% respectively);
  • 20% believe that next year the phenomenon of discrimination will be more common, 15% said that will be rare while 51% say they will remain the same.
  • 59% of Romanians believe that the issue of “people’s willingness to provide help towards others” has worsened due to the economic crisis of the last years.
  • The most discriminated social groups, according to the opinions of respondents are the Roma people, people with physical or mental disabilities, people living with HIV / AIDS, the homeless, orphans and drug addicts.

– Assessing the impact of EU accession on perceptions and attitudes towards the phenomenon of discrimination:

  • 31% of Romanians believe that after Romania joined the European Union, discrimination against Roma people and towards elderly has increased.
  • 53% of respondents think that the economic situation (crisis) amplified in large or to some extent the phenomenon of discrimination.

– The notoriety of the specialized agency in Combating Discrimination (CNCD) in terms of prevention activities and / or sanction:

  • 49% of Romanians say that they heard about National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD).
  • 65% of people that said they heard about the CNCD consider that the institution meets the role of prevention for acts of discrimination.

A summary of the research report can be downloaded here.

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