Equinet welcomes 4 new members and its newly elected Board

The 6th Equinet Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 29 and 30 November in Brussels. Click here to read about the new Equinet Executive Board and new Equinet members

The 6th Equinet Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 29 and 30 November in Brussels. Click here to read about the new Equinet Executive Board and new Equinet members.

a9thierrymaroit_7667_2.jpgThe 6th Equinet Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 29 and 30 November at the Belgian Comic Strip Centre in Brussels. This key event provided members with the opportunity to hear first-hand the Executive Board’s report on the results and achievements of Equinet during the year 2011, and to take important decisions shaping the future of the network.

At this occasion, voting representatives of member organizations elected a new Equinet Executive Board for a two-year mandate (2011-2013). Following the adoption of new election procedures at the 2010 AGM, the Executive Board is now composed of 9 members. The newly elected Equinet executive board members are listed below:

Jozef DE WITTE (Chair) Executive Director, Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism, Belgium
Csaba Ferenc ASZTALOS President, National Council for Combating Discrimination, Romania
Evelyn COLLINS Chief Executive, Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Domenica GHIDEI Commissioner, Dutch Equal Treatment Commission, The Netherlands
Elke LUJANSKY-LAMMER Head of the Regional Office for Styria, Ombud for Equal Treatment, Austria
Julija ŠARTUCH Adviser on international cooperation and project activities, Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson, Lithuania
Tena ŠIMONOVIĆ EINWALTER Coordinator for the Area of Non-discrimination, Office of the Ombudsman, Croatia
Therese SPITERI Manager, National Commission for the Promotion of Equality, Malta
Néphèli YATROPOULOS Advisor to the Defender on European and International Affairs, Defender of Rights, France
Marco BUEMI (Expert at the Italian Office against Racial Discrimination) and Kalliopi LYKOVARDI (Senior Investigator at the Office of the Greek Ombudsman) are Board substitutes.


(from left to right: Domenica Ghidei, Therese Spiteri, Csaba Ferenc Asztalos, Evelyn Collins, Julija Šartuch, Tena Šimonovic Einwalter, Jozef De Witte, Elke Lujansky-Lammer, and Néphèli Yatropoulos)

On closing the Annual General Meeting, the Equinet members and secretariat have warmly greeted two of the network’s founders who have decided to step down: the former Chair of the Equinet Board, Ms. Mandana Zarrehparvar, and Ms. Ingrid Nikolay-Leitner, both of whom were official board members since Equinet’s inception in 2007. Equinet and its members are grateful for their active involvement and dedication that played a key role in Equinet’s development and recognition as an important European actor in the equal treatment field.

Delegates from member organisations also voted favorably on membership applications from four national equality bodies based in Poland, Portugal and Slovenia. Therefore, Equinet is pleased to welcome the following new members:

Human Rights Defender (HRD) – Poland
Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment (CITE) – Portugal
High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue (ACIDI) – Portugal
Office for Equal Opportunities (OEO) – Slovenia

For an overview of Equinet’s membership, please click here

(from left to right: Miroslaw Wroblewski, Director of HRD; Sandra Ribeiro, Director of CITE; Vasco Malta, Legal Advisor at ACIDI; and Bostjan Vernik-Setinc, Advocate of the principle of equality at the OEO)

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