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Latest events from the Danish Institute for Human Rights

Here you can read about the latest events from the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

The Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR):

– Was appointed in March 2011 an equality body in relation to gender. Therefore, DIHR will be hosting a series of after-work meetings on gender equality issues and will also be co-hosting seminars in collaboration with academics, activists, NGOs and human rights workers:

  • After-work meeting: Gender equality in Denmark (October 25th and December 6th, 2011). The first meeting will focus on the gender segregated labour market and the second meeting will focus on gender stereotypes in day-care centres. DIHR is also planning an after-work meeting on men, boys and masculinities.
  • Two international seminars: Trans*Studies & Trans Politics (December 9th and 10th, 2011). The first seminar will focus on Trans Studies in academia presenting Susan Stryker, one of the founders of Trans Studies, as well as three scholars of Trans Studies in and about Scandinavia. The second seminar will focus on Trans Politics and Human Rights with speakers representing academics, activists, NGOs and human rights workers. Carla LaGata/Carsten Balzer from Germany (TGEU), Susan Stryker from USA and Vibe Grevsen (LGBT Denmark) will give short presentations.

Note: DHIR will be co-hosting the two international seminars about transgenderism in collaboration with Centre for Gender Studies (Copenhagen University), Centre for Gender, Power and Diversity (Roskilde University) and The Coordination for Gender Research in Denmark.

– Will host on Dec, 5. 2011 a public hearing on the issue of equal treatment in Denmark: Status of equal treatment in Denmark 2011 – Protection against discrimination outside the labour market. The focus will be on the level of protection in the Danish legislation, on discussing the question of a discrimination-reform in the Danish legal system, and with concrete examples of discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, religion and belief, sexual orientation and gender identity. Finally a panel of politicians from the Danish Parliament will discuss the perspectives of an anti/discrimination law reform. There will also be a speech on the issue of intersectionality and the need for protection outside the labour market.

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