Executive Board

Equinet Executive Board 2009 – 2011

[/The Members of the Equinet Executive Board for the 2009-2011 period were:

Equinet Executive Board
Equinet Executive Board

From left to right: Katri Linna, Jozef De Witte, Néphèli Yatropoulos, Mandana Zarrehparvar (Chair), Ingrid Nikolay-Leitner, Kalliopi Lykovardi and Domenica Ghidei.

  • Mandana Zarrehparvar (Chair)
    Senior Adviser, Equality and Monitoring Department
    Danish Institute for Human Rights, Denmark
  • Jozef De Witte
    Executive Director
    Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism, Belgium
  • Domenica Ghidei
    Equal Treatment Commission, Netherlands
  • Kalliopi Lykovardi
    Senior Investigator
    Office of the Greek Ombudsman, Greece (joined the Board on 1st May 2010).
  • Ingrid Nikolay-Leitner
    Ombud for Equal Treatment, Austria
  • Néphèli Yatropoulos
    Adviser on European and International Issues, Anti-discrimination and Equality mission
    Defender of Rights, France

During the period of their mandate, the following Board Members stepped down:

  • Katri Linna, Equality Ombudsman, Sweden (on 1st February 2011)
  • David Ruebain, Director of Legal Policy, Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), United Kingdom – Great Britain (on 30th April 2010).

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