Working Groups

Working Groups


In conjunction with the Equinet Forum (dedicated to discussions, updates and exchange of information), this section is designed to work as a “one stop shop” where members of the working groups can find most of the documents relevant for their work (agendas for meetings, draft documents, contacts, etc.).

Each group has its own dedicated webpage accessible from the overhead menu, while below you can find a brief explanation of how the groups work.


The Working Groups play a key role in the implementation of the Strategic Plan and Annual Work Plans of Equinet. The brief for each working group is set out in this Strategic Plan. The working groups are made up of staff drawn from the member bodies of Equinet.

The effective operation of the working groups is the responsibility of the moderator and working group participants, supported by the Secretariat. The activities to be implemented by the working groups are detailed in the Annual Work Plan of Equinet. Moderators of the working groups in cooperation with the Secretariat propose an annual work plan to the Board. This plan will specify objectives, activities, timelines, budgets and outputs for the working group. This is discussed and developed as necessary by the Board and presented for approval by the Annual General Meeting as part of the Annual Work Plan of Equinet.

The Executive Board, Secretariat and working group moderators ensure that the work plans identify and exploit possible synergies between working groups and that any duplication or incoherence is avoided.

The Secretariat reports on a regular basis to the Executive Board on the activities and overall progress of the working groups. The Secretariat communicates any decisions of the Executive Board made on the basis of these reports to the moderators.

Moderator: leads and guides the activities of the working group. The moderator is a member of staff of one of the member bodies and is appointed by the Board with the agreement of that member body; except for the Policy Formation Working Group where the moderator will be a member of the Board. The moderator has the appropriate skills to lead the group and to engage effectively with the issues that fall within the brief of the working group.

Working Group Members (Participants): Individual with the appropriate skills and knowledge to shape and implement the activities of a working group. Member equality bodies have the discretion to appoint suitable participants to contribute as active members of a given working group.

Current Equinet Working Groups

Equality Law in Practice
Communication Strategies and Practices
Policy Formation
Gender Equality

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