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“Discrimination of Trans*People, especially in the job market”

A publication commissioned by the German equality body FADA.

The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (FADA) recently commissioned a study focusing on the discrimination experienced by Trans people especially with respect to the labour market in Germany.

Jannik Franzen and Arn Sauer, two experts who hold a long-standing record on transgender issues both in academia and activism, analyzed the legal situation and examined how Trans people are likely to face hurdles in accessing the German labour market.

Due to the scarcity of country-wide quantitative or qualitative research done in Germany on Trans issues, the study is merely a research review of mainly international literature. Amongst their conclusions, these two experts revealed that for many Trans people the change of the first name and sex entry in official documents is an indispensable condition for their social and economic well-being as well as their protection from discrimination.

The publication “Diskriminierung von Trans*Personen, insbesondere im Arbeitsleben” (Discrimination of Trans*People, especially in the job market) can be downloaded from the FADA’s website:,property=pdf,bereich=ads,sprache=de,rwb=true.pdf (only in German)

Read the press release (in German)

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