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Release of the EC synthesis report on equality bodies

The European Commission commissioned a study on Equality Bodies set up under Directives 2000/43/EC, 2004/113/EC and 2006/54/EC. The synthesis report is now available to the public.

The European Commission commissioned last year the Human European Consultancy, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute and independent experts to assess the extent to which equality bodies established in the Member States are in compliance with the Directives and to identify best practice in carrying out the tasks assigned to them.

As Commissioner Viviane Reding mentions in the foreword, the report “examines the current situation of the Equality Bodies and the factors enabling them to perform their functions, as well as the way they offer assistance to victims. It describes the funding and working of the Equality Bodies, the way they give advice or settle conflicts, their publications and surveys, the staffing as well as their statutory situation.

The synthesis report also highlights the high potential of equality bodies and their crucial role for combating discrimination and promoting equal opportunities. Issues of key importance are addressed and included amongst others the need of independence, and the compliance, impact and effectiveness of the equality bodies.

The recommendations and conclusions suggested in the report provide food for thought and interesting leads to further realize the potential of equality bodies.

The report has been published on the following page

Direct link to the document

Downloadable document

Study on Equality Bodies set up under Directives 2000/43/EC, 2004/113/EC and 2006/54/EC – synthesis report (PDF, 2.962 KB)

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