The EC’s five-year gender equality strategy

The EC have adopted their new five year strategy to promote equality between women and men.

Today, the European Commission adopted a new five-year strategy to promote equality between women and men. The plan is based around five priorities – promoting gender equality in the economy and labour market; ensuring equal pay; ensuring access to senior positions in the workplace; tackling gender violence; and promoting equality beyond the EU. Specifically, the plan has the following objectives:

1. Increasing the number of women in the labour market, and therefore helping to achive the Europe 2020 taget of 75% employment rate (for both women and men).

2. Instigating targeted initiatives with the goal of getting more women into top jobs.

3. Promoting female entrepreneurship and self-employment.

4. Raising awareness of gender pay gaps through creating an annual European Equal Pay Day

5. Working with all Member States to combat violence against women, especially eradicating femaile genital mutilation (both within Europe and beyond).

The Commission will also engage in annual Gender Equality Dialogues with the European Parliament, the Council presidencies, European social partners and civil society to assess progress in implementing the strategy.

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