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Maltese project ‘Strengthening Equality beyond Legislation-VS/2009/0405

The Maltese NCPE is currently working on a EU project which aims to implement further legislation on non-discrimination through awareness raising, training, and research.

The National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE), Malta, is currently working on an EU co-funded PROGRESS non-discrimination project entitled Strengthening Equality beyond Legislation – VS/2009/0405 . This project seeks to enhance the principle of equal treatment on all six grounds of discrimination, including race, as well as multiple discrimination. It seeks to: implement further legislation on non-discrimination through awareness raising, training, and research; and to disseminate information on EU and national policy and legislation in the non-discrimination field.

In order to combat discrimination and promote equality beyond legislation on the grounds of race/ethnic origin, a National Action Plan on Race and Xenophobia will be compiled. The strategies and actions that will be proposed in this National Action Plan will seek to promote a shared understanding and enhanced ownership of relevant stakeholders to safeguard racial equality and combat racism and xenophobia. Moreover, the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) will carry out a pilot study on the type of media and communication that is most effective with persons of racial minority to be able to raise awareness on equal treatment in an efficient way.

Besides, NCPE will analyse the reasons that prevent persons from reporting their discriminatory cases to responsible bodies or entities, with the aim of addressing underreporting of such cases and empowering more persons through raising awareness of their rights. Also, NCPE will review the National Minimum Curriculum with the aim of mainstreaming equality by safeguarding equal treatment and non-discrimination in the sphere of education.

In addition, NCPE will be giving training to various stakeholders on discrimination in general and on particular issues related to every ground of discrimination with the aim of empowering participants to adopt an outlook which is based on awareness and understanding. NCPE will also be giving training through forum theatre for school children to help widen the anti-discrimination message in schools as well as the concept of diversity.

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