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National Conference Dialogue for Strategic Partnership in the Integration of Immigrants in Bulgarian Society (Sofia, 3-4 December 2009)

The Bulgarian equality body is organising a two-day conference on the development of a national agenda for an effective integration of immigrants.

The Commission for Protection against Discrimination of Bulgaria is organizing a 2-day conference on 3 – 4 December 2009, in Sofia (Bulgaria).The conference will provide input into the EU Common Agenda for Integration Framework for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals in the European Union and the National Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria on Migration and Integration (2008 – 2015).

This event will gather 120 stakeholders and will present the key findings and deliverables of the Project Memorandum for Permanent Cooperation in a non-formal Experts’ Network, open for new members; Handbook for Coordination of the institutions involved in immigrants’ integration in Bulgarian society, and an E-Forum: an electronic database for the key stakeholders with links to all relevant institutions, national and international associations and organizations.

The Conference will provide a platform to stakeholders – representatives from the Bulgarian Institutions, local decision-makers, social partners, civil society representatives, immigrants’ communities and experts – to discuss current social trends and to contribute to the development of a national agenda for effective integration.

For further information and/or to register to the conference, please contact directly Ms. Margarita Spasova (, cc to

Event details

Venue: Park-Hotel “Vitosha”
Address: Sofia, Bulgaria
Date: 3 – 4 December 2009

Downloadable files

Conference Draft Agenda

Background information

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