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Belgian Institute for Equality between Women and Men seminar: “Living as a transgender in Belgium (20 November 2009)

The Institute for Equality between Men and Women recently commissioned a study on the social and judicial status of transgender persons in Belgium. The Belgian equality body will unveil the results of this study at the seminar taking place on 20 November 2009 in Brussels.

In Belgium a number of bills were recently enacted to improve the situation of transgender persons: the law of 10 May 2007 on transsexuality and the law of 10 May 2007 with a view to combat discrimination between women and men. However, the complaints received by the Institute for the equality of women of men show that unequal treatment of and discriminations against transvestites, transgender and transsexual persons often occur in Belgium. The current policy and legislation do thus provide only a limited protection of the rights of this very diverse group.

The Institute for the equality of women and men has ordered a study into the social and judicial status of transgender persons in Belgium, with a view to chart the discriminations and inequalities in practice, policy and legislation in order to combat them in a specific manner. At this seminar the study will be made public.

During the morning session the results of the study are presented by the research team. Prof. Dr. Stephen Whittle, an internationally renowned researcher in the fi eld of transgender studies and trans activist, will elaborate more on the social and legal situation of trans people in Europe.
In the afternoon the most important diffi culties revealed by the study will be treated more profoundly in three workshops on ‘labour market’, ‘health care’ and ‘legal aspects’ respectively. By means of a debate between the invited experts and the public we would like to work on awareness-building and sensitization on the one hand, and formulate courses for action and recommendations to improve the social and legal position of transgender persons on the other. The seminar will be closed by a debate with policy-makers, academics and key players from the field.

Please note that simultaneous translation in Dutch – French – English will be provided throughout the event.

For further information and registration, please contact Mrs Christel Delvael ( before 13 November 2009.

Event details

Venue: Institute for Equality between Men and Women
Address: Salle Storck, Rue Ernest Blerot 1, 1070 Brussels, Belgium
Date: 20 November 2009, 09.00-17.00

Downloadable file

‘Living as a transgender in Belgium: Mapping the social and judicial situation of transgender people’ seminar – Invitation (PDF in EN, 968KB)

RSVP – to be returned before 13 November 2009 (PDF in EN, 205KB)

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